Rates for Service

Our Fees The fee for individual therapy is dependent on the experience and expertise of the clinician you are meeting with. Please contact us to discuss our fees for therapy sessions. The fee for Psychological Assessments can vary based on the complexity of issues and the number of testing appointments needed. Please contact us to discuss the fee and payment schedule. Our fees are consistent with other community service providers of similar training, experience, and expertise.

Health Benefits Coverage Our fees are almost always covered by workplace benefit packages with your extended health care insurance company. We would be happy to discuss your specific policy to confirm coverage. Upon payment of the session, we will provide you with a receipt with all the necessary information to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you do not have insurance coverage you may be able to submit your receipts for income tax deduction purposes under Medical Expenses.

Payment Options eTransfer Payment (after the initial appointment, transfer to take place prior to session)