Therapeutic Services

We provide counselling and psychological services in a confidential, professional office setting in downtown Cobourg, Ontario, as well as virtual sessions.
Our areas of expertise include the following:

1. Emotional and Mental Health Concerns
• anxiety and depression
• managing stress
• anger management
• trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder recovery
• sexual abuse treatment
• grief and issues of loss
• gender and sexuality issues including transgender
• autism spectrum disorder
• building self confidence
• spirituality
• managing mental health diagnoses such as mood and personality diagnoses
• work-related stress

2. Relationship Issues
• marital and relationship conflict
• communication and problem-solving difficulties
• overcoming marital affairs and infidelity

3. Child and Teen Issues
• feelings identification and management
• managing anxiety and depression
• social and friendship issues
• academic and school-based struggles
• anger and behaviour management
• building self-esteem
• gender and sexuality issues including transgender
• living with autism
• sibling conflict
• parents separating or divorcing
• body confidence
• self-harm
• blended family and step-parent issues

4. Family Issues
• parent-child conflict
• family of origin issues
• step parenting and blended family
• parenting strategies

5. Forensic Issues
• risk assessment
• comprehensive assessments of adults and adolescents that can include: cognitive, behavioural, psychological functioning, and risk for recidivism
• mental health assessments for Parenting Capacity reports
• Section 34 assessments

6. Assessments
• comprehensive psychological assessments for youth and adults
• risk assessments for adults
• parenting capacity mental health assessments
• Section 34 youth assessments

7. Neuro Feedback Treatments

If you have questions about how therapy might help you, please contact us.

During Your First Session…

…you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have about therapy or your therapist. During this time you will have the opportunity to discuss your reasons for coming to therapy, your efforts thus far, and your hopes and expectations of the therapeutic process. Part of this session will include some history-taking. At the end of the first session, a plan will be made with your therapist about the next steps, treatment options, and other supports that may be helpful.

Psychological Assessment Services

Dr. Farrell provides comprehensive psychological assessments that include diagnoses and treatment recommendations for a wide range of issues related to psychological, cognitive, academic, parenting/family, social functioning, parenting capacity, and adult and adolescent risk (Section 34).

Forensic Services

Dr. Farrell provides adult risk assessment, adolescent Section34 assessments, and parenting capacity mental health assessments. Dr. Farrell accepts CAS and court referrals for comprehensive assessments of youth and adults to determine diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Treatment in this area involves a number of approaches based on presenting issues to reduce the risk of recidivism.

Therapy can be helpful if…

• You have personal or emotional struggles that you haven’t been able to sort through on your own.
• You have overwhelming feelings of sadness and worry.
• Your self-esteem is low and affecting your life.
• You have experienced trauma or loss.
• You are having difficulty in your marriage or relationship and may be considering separation.
• Your child or another family member is having difficulty and you are not sure how to support them.
• You or someone close to you has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder.
• You are struggling with gender or sexuality issues.
• You are going through a separation or divorce.
• A child or teen is struggling in school or socially.
• You are struggling with addictive behaviours.
• You are involved in the criminal justice system and are seeking assistance with living crime-free